Sunday, November 10, 2013

SO, it has been a long time yet again

I am so bad at this blogging thing, it is crazy. Well no need to slack anymore or make excuses, cause well I am here to ramble on right? Let's see um Kira is almost 3 (in Jan) and Xavier is almost 2 (March) and Demitri is 10 and Roman is 21 now and he has a job (yay go Ro). Oh I graduated and got my BA and now, I am going for a MAED. Crazy I know, but since I am home with the kiddos I should probably gain more debit to try to better myself once I am in the working field. Granted I am not sure, because man I still have to do student teaching and that is a hard pill to swallow. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the teaching part, or doing all the work and just have someone shadow me and telling me what to do. It is hard to pay someone to give me the opportunity to work, 40+ hours a week doing all that work without pay or compensation besides the student teaching hours. How can teachers afford that/do that? I mean sheesh... same with Doctors, did you know they have to do that too? They work ungodly hours doing hard work, and learning and they have to PAY someone to have that opportunity? HELLO... I think there is something messed up there. And we are wondering that our educational system and healthcare system are going down the sh!ter I mean come on. Sheesh. It is ridiculous.

Anyways, enough about that rant because gods know I could go on about the injustice of that for a while. Speaking of unjust, what is with our government eh? They would rather pay for war than our lives. Even though, tomorrow is Veteran's Day, so please thank a veteran (every day) because without them we may not be in the same situation we are today. It is not their fault that our country are warmongers and it is their blood, sweat, and tears that make sure our borders are free and okay. SO THANK YOU! My dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War. The useless war of the day, where thousands of people were killed/injured and even came home "sick" but then again all wars are useless and a waste of human life. Right is might, right? Argh, sorry I am rambling to much tonight. I think because I am tired and on the verge of the plague. DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS!

Anywho, ya I better just say see ya later for now. I wont promise to be back anytime soon. Who knows I might surprise you (and myself) and write again soon (less than 6 months) lol.

Take care and stay warm,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Thursday, December 13, 2012—Be Heard. Be Happy.—Be Heard. Be Happy.

What a great service for parents, and non parents a like. It offers free samples (full sized) and coupons to purchase more products! I just got a full sized free sample of Children's Advil in the mail yesterday! It will certainly help in cold/flu season. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Some days it does not pay to be yourself and other days you get a bonus. I can not tell you what today will hold or tomorrow but you can recall what yesterday was and learn from it. Live life, love life, create life, and memories. Remember those who have gone before us, think of those that are ahead of us, but remember to look at those around us. Surround yourself with things that will allow you to grow, to learn, to laugh, and to love.

On a more personal note, my son Xavier is 4 months old (looking like a one year old), my daughter Kira is 18 months old (looking like a three year old) going on 30 as an independent woman, and my older son Demitri is now 9. Time flies when you are a mom, some days it is slow, others it is a blink of an eye, but all memories to say the least.

Kira is enrolled into gymnastics and climbing everything, and starting to talk and potty train. She is one inch short of three feet and 29 pounds.

Xavier started to eat rice cereal and he tends to enjoy sitting up. Actually he would prefer it over laying down. He is a needy boy and weighs a ton (okay 20 pounds) but still a lot for a baby.

Demitri is a gaining friends and is enjoying creating comics. He is an inch short of five feet and well he is big enough to be an adult even though he is only 9.

I only have three more classes left to graduate college, so go me. That is exciting news. I will most likely take a few months break and then go back to get my master's in special education. We shall see though. Probably not with Ashford though, because I think I am done with that insitution.

Steve is doing good. He has been looking for a new job just because he is very under paid, but he has a sense of loyalty to this company because he has been there for over 12 years. Which is understandable and I told him my concerns and I said it is ultimately up to him in what he wants to do, and above all I want him happy.

Roman is hoping to go back to Mesabi to finish school but paperwork is still up in the air, so we are unsure if he is going or not. If he does, he starts the 27 of this month, so hopefully everything gets squared away by then.

Well it is time for me to rest, because Xavier is tired and I will admit so am I. Mom's need more energy to care for their family, but even though some days I wonder what the hell I was thinking, I don't think I would change anything, well unless I can change if we won the lottery cause then I would do that, that we would win big, so we can all have what we want and what we need. :)

Hugs to all,


Thursday, March 1, 2012

It has been a while but...

Well hello everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted but I am thinking with my daughter turning one, and getting closer to the birth of my son, and going to college full time I am allowed a lapse. LOL. Sorry, I have not been blogging as much as I wanted. Heck my new years resolution was to write more (besides college papers that is) and I have been slacking.

So as I mentioned, some exciting news. Kira is now one year old, and trying to run the house! She is moving every where! Of course she has been walking since about 11 months but now, she is running everywhere! With the look of "Chase me Mommy" or who ever is watching her. She loves it and it is a favorite game for her. Especially grabbing the TV remote. Anything with buttons fascinates her.

We are also preparing for her little brother to enter the world. Two weeks away! Getting very excited (the whole family). When we say to Kira where is the baby, she tries to lift my shirt and points to my belly, so we think she understands. Of course, when I hold her she tends to get kicked or bumped because they both are trying to share the same space on my belly. :)

For all my friends and mom's out there there is a great company that is offering free trials and contests almost every week day (which is a random drawing) and you can win stuff for your baby, or toddlers. I won a set of feeding plates which comes in handy! Kira is starting to learn to feed herself (well should would be doing it already if I gave up control and know that a little mess will happen each time) LOL. Anyways today they are offering 5000 free trials of diaper rash cream! So sign up and give it a go!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer is almost over :(

The heat seems to be slinking back into the cracks in which it came, but that means sadly that winter is around the corner... but right now it is fall like weather! YAY FALL! Why can't fall stay around more? 70 degree weather during the day and 50's at night, it works for me!

Well Kira is growing like a weed, she is just about 20 pounds, and she is almost 8 months now. She is trying to crawl BUT I personally think she is going to skip crawling and go to walking. She pulls her self up and she tries to step around things. So only time will see. She is making great strides in her growth, and she is so inquisitive. We are excited to watch her grow. So, far no signs of Autism but I am still watching and praying that she does not have any issues, like her brother, or anything else. It makes me nervous about it and semi-scared but I know that even if she does show signs that we can handle it and we will ALWAYS love her.

The MN Renaissance season has started and we have gone one day each weekend (normally a Sunday) and it is going well, even though it doesn't seem like it used to be. But we will still go because we enjoy a few hours of it. Kira has dressed as a fairy, once and she looked adorable.

Roman is off to college and he is home sick. If he were more social I am sure living 4 hours away would be better for him, because he would start a new life of friends up there. From my understanding though he just 'hides' in his room when he is home and doesn't go out to explore. ROMAN GO BE SOCIAL!! YOU CAN DO IT! I am proud of him though and I wish him the best. I am sure he will open up more. Also, at least he will realize how much family is important and that once it is gone, you miss it.

Steve is trying to find a new job, he is looking to do contracting. He currently has a job mind you but he is not making as much money as he should be and that is frustrating for him. I know he is very smart and he can do it too, and I support his decision with what he wants. I figure we will make it one way or another.

I am doing good, finished my minor in Child Development with a 4.0 and now finishing up the major, granted I still have a little over a year left of school, I am getting closer. YAY

Well HUGS for now and take care in all that you do. I gotta go chase Kira and her scooting.